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looked at properties that are zoned m-1 and they don't encourage industrial use, one is on carol avenue, that's below hunter's point and although it's zoned m-1, it's in the fema flood zone, it has nothing there except for a [inaudible] scale, so it needs everything in materials of -- terms of being able to use it, the use of this property at carol avenue is not compatible with the hunter's point project, another one is a 3.7 acre property there's also other buildings which need demolition and construction, in addition, the property is across the street from residential homes. other properties that have been rezoned so they're no longer industrial or light industrial such as mission bay, portions of the southeast waterfront and then the port properties which are as the port knows very challenging because they have state trust which allows commerce navigation, fisheries and open space, so in order for the mta to take over a port parcel for a long term use, we would need to find other property and exchange it with a port which requires not only city approvals but also the state's land co
, number of the board and public. i am honored and proud to award carol wood our secretary at cesar chavez. she has served the district for 20 and a half years. she is bilingual in spanish and american sign language. she's an incredibly cherished and loved member of our community, and she has seen many generations of students and parents, and i am proud and behalf of the community to present this award to her. congratulations carol. [applause] >> thank you very much. >> congratulations. >> thank you. i just want to say over these 20 years seven principals and all the change they have seen i feel very lucky to have been at one school for all those years. i had a few summer school assignments at different sites but i love cesar chavez and it's pretty exciting to me working with the children of the children who were there in 1992 when i began. this is a great honor. thank you very much. thank you. [applause] >> and we have a special rave award for special service, and to make that presentation i would like to ask principal doug dent to please make the presentation. >> thank you superin
together. 8 a is appeal 12-090, 8b is 12-091, appellants are carol seligman and jim stafford, subject property is 2705 larkin street and both appeals are protesting the issuance to peter fenton to a permit to demolish a building, conforming to residential design guidelines by stepping back in two directions. the matter is on for hearing today. i understand the appellants have, are jointly represented by an attorney and if you would like to step forward. are the parties here for this item? you need to -- you want to try and get him? okay, thank you. very sweet. mr. elman, we just called this appeal. we're ready to have it heard when you are ready to start. commissioners, since this matter is two appeals joined the parties will have 14 minutes to present their case. >> mr. president and members of the board, i am howard elman representing the appellant, carol seligman and we are, the other appellant has granted us his time so that we could have a little bit more it make a coherent presentation to you, because there are some complex issues. what we're asking for is that you revoke t
embraced me when i started my professional career in san francisco. glendower richardson, carol tatum, and so many of you are here in this audience and i am grateful for my contemporaries who are my sisters and rock. from supervisor malia cohen, karen roy, and lindon. i have found my place here and i have mentioned, i began my career here in 1996 with mayer brown. i realized then in my 20's that i needed to pursue higher education. and it helped the mayor said he would never give me a raise or promotion on till i went back to school. i enrolled in the university of san francisco law school. i got my j.d. and pass the bar. -- passed the gar. -- bar. [applause] san francisco has been my home. six years ago i was married here on the steps almost six years ago to this month. [applause] some are clapping, some are not. [laughter] it has been a fundamental time for my family and i having been nominated. by mayor ed lee and i am grateful to that community and i am grateful to the mayor and the board of supervisors who are considering this nomination. i vow to do the best job i possibly can f
cetera. in 2007 the port worked with state senator carol migden to terminate the trust use restrictions on some of the seawall lots on south of market street. in order to get to residential and office types of uses we have to terminate the trust use restrictions that apply in state law. and the legislature did that. they found the seawall lots were no longer needed for water access. last year we worked with assemblyman tom ammiano and ab 26 49 signed into law by the governor december 29th this year. it found seawall lot [speaker not understood] north of market street is no longer needed for trust purposes and the legislation allowed the city to contemplate affordable housing at this site as part of an effort that would help to offset jobs housing, linkage fees owed after 70. that legislation also contemplates similar flexibility at seawall lot 37, which is in mission bay. this slide shows at 815 parcel. port staff is suggesting that seawall 2-21 is part of [speaker not understood] by ab 629 might be an appropriate site for affordable housing, but that would be subject to review under ce
and san francisco based president carol of the pta. these two ballots will do wonders to help prevent cuts and restore todayctionving we lost and make sure the wealthiest pay their fair share for the state and our schools. also i'm working with the city attorney and the commission on the status to drop the new workplace domestic violence policy to help our city workers connect to better resources and the rest i'll submit. thank you. >> thank you, smart mar. president chiu. >> thank you. colleagues, i have a number of in memoriams today. first and foremost, i have a memoriam for [speaker not understood] who was a family man, came to san francisco from jordan and started a small corner store on polk street. he's someone that our neighborhood and our residents
by then assemblywoman caroll migdon, so it was a san francisco initiative. through the legislative process, most parties supported the overall gist, if you will. my recollection is the effort to have it staged as an opt-out as opposed to opt-in was informed by efforts on the telecommunications side, where with deregulation and the allowing of competition within telecommunications market, where it wasn't just local phone service by pac bell anymore. long distance and local phone service competition was an opt-in type of program. there was dissatisfaction with the amount of penetration that was achieved by competitors when that market was attempted to be opened up. so i think that influenced the thinking of the policymakers at the -- in the assembly and senate oversight committees that oversee electric telecommunications issues, because those are combined committees. back in 2002, when that happened, that is my recollection of the formation and dialogue that was happening at that time. that doesn't preclude us. the opt-out requirements don't preclude us from having a preenrollment phase, a phase that allo
and i was the public safety adviser to kamela harris. >> my name is carol kinsley and i was like to think captain tom and the elementary school for hosting us. i have again on the police commission for two years and has our president indicated, it is a very rewarding job and very enjoyable job and made more enjoyable by being out in the community and seeing folks like you show up and provide us with your input. thank you for being here tonight. i have been an attorney working in the financial district of san francisco for about 30 years. presently, my day job is as a business contract mediator. i have one son and he was born and raised in san francisco. , but aside from the police commission-related activities i do in my spare time, i serve on the board of directors and as an officer in the law center to prevent gun violence, a nonprofit organization founded around 20 years ago aimed at a national effort to reduce gun violence. thank you. >> [speaking cantonese] i'm a staff attorney at the asian law caucus just down the street, a nonprofit civil rights organization that provides
together. 8 a is appeal 12-090, 8b is 12-091, appellants are carol seligman
and members of the board, i am howard elman representing the appellant, carol seligman and we are, the other appellant has granted us his time so that we could have a little bit more it make a coherent presentation to you, because there are some complex issues. what we're asking for is that you revoke the permit that's been issued and require the permit to correct all the nonconforming uses. our appeal is supported by testimony from fire experts jim mcmullen, mr. moony who is here tonight, the state fire marshal for 7 years. he cannot here to testify as an expert tonight because he is testifying in some expert out of the city. mark moony has equally strong credentials in the packet presented to you. he is here tonight and able to speak on those issues and answer questions. there's a lot of issues in this matter and it's complicated. i would like to focus on a few short ones, ones that are easy to understand. there's a studio apartment in this building that's a nonconforming pre-existing use. the plan before you proposes to enlarge and relocate the studio in violation of the san francisco
am james patrick carol and a student at city college. i am here to voice my support for the continuing -- continue egg of the muni up into the north beach. >> >>i think a lot of people would like the option to get out in the evening to go to north beach in the lunge in the afternoon or dinner in the evening. for those heading up to north beach for those here in san francisco is a great option. taking mass transit would be better. the light rail is quick to be installed. it's efficient. it is but anyway there of problems with some of the operators lately but my point being i want to voice my support for it. i think it should go forward. i think we should go forward with this proposal, and give all san franciscans and tourists, our families and friends a chance to come to the city, or if we live there go up to north beach have lunch or dinner and check out the things up there. thank you very much. i hope that you do have a great day. >> next speaker please. >> i have an overview. a couple weeks ago i made appeal here to this board after i was assaulted by san
) >> thank you. next speaker. >>> good afternoon. my name is carol tatum and i came to san francisco from mobile, alabama in 1955. so, i went to james dylan. i went to balboa. i went to san francisco state, and sometimes i went to city college. and i didn't too bad. but in the '80s i worked on 3rd street and in the summer you have young people come in to work. and i had a difficult time trying to get them to do the things that i asked. and, so, i kept trying to figure out, what is wrong here? so, i decided that i would ask each child to write an essay as to why you want to be here. and what i found was that some of them would write an entire page, it would not have one punctuation mark in it. some of them could not spell, could not construct sentences. so, supervisor cohen, you ask how long. that was in the '80s. so, what we have today is children who are the children of the children from that time. so, this thing has continued. somebody mentioned the prison pipeline today. that is very real and it is very scary. and we jail a lot of young black men in san francisco. $50,000 a year it cos
have set forward. thank you. >> thank you. >>> good afternoon, reverend carol ben. i'm with the justice tach ka is with lutheran evangelical church of america. i've done a lot of work around alcohol and food justice. i'd say yes to fresh and easy, but there is a problem with their definition of and their business model in terms of how they sell alcohol, which ends up being dangerous for our community. and i stand here, i wish i had the many, many clergy on letters that we've done in the past to you to say we want a restriction on fresh and easy's ability to sell alcohol, if at all, since we know that even the uc store -- the store down in southern california doesn't sell any alcohol. this is near san francisco state. i know you have a planning staff recommendation. unfortunately fresh and easy is really slippery around language, it seems like, and, so, the language in that recommendation is weak and allows for loopholes. and what we really want to make sure is that stores are required to have a fully staffed, fully serviced sale for alcohol, a check-out stand devoted to that. recently t
, to the city attorney. >> yes, i'd be happy to answer that. deputy city attorney carol wong. the concern was the amount of money that we were showing as a true up going back to the agency and some of the concerns of whether or not that should really be used for transportation projects. and we agree with the transportation authority that all the proceeds coming in from the sales of these properties were to be used for transportation projects. what i think the overlook was is at the time the agency bought these parcels we weren't sure what the purchase price was going to be. we knew the upper amount was going to be approximately $17-1/2 million, but it could be a lower amount and that lower amount would have been the difference between the funds received from all these different parcels and the cost to do the transportation projects and the ancillary projects that were listed in that resolution. when the transportation authority looked at this earlier, they were looking at money going back to the agency and thought that was money going to affordable housing instead of for transportation pu
Search Results 0 to 39 of about 40 (some duplicates have been removed)